I prefer to call myself a crochet artist. I enjoy crocheting all kinds of things from stuffed animals, garments, and blankets. I live in Virginia USA.


I am a Canadian crafter that makes unique, quality handmade crocheted and knitted items in my free time.


My name is Vanessa, located in California, and I have been crocheting since I was a child. My Portuguese grandmother taught me, and it is how I feel connected to her, even now that she is gone.

In my crocheting, my goal is to create pieces that will be meaningful to those who purchase them. I want people to have something handmade with great love.


I am mom of three (summer 2018 and 2020 and winter 2022) and have a BEd in early childhood education and work in a day nursery. So almost everything I do revolves around children ❤️. Thus, a lot of my crocheting is something kids can use and/or play with.

I live in a very small country that is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea 🌊. That makes the temperature always on the low end and the weather windy. So any wearable I make can keep us a little warm 🌬🌧


An educator by profession, Dina has been crocheting for the past nine years, when she taught herself the craft. Her business, Aarabydina, was established five years ago. Since then, she has been designing and crafting her own crochet creations, as well as teaching others how to crochet.

Dina enjoys the creative expression that comes with crocheting and loves the challenge of designing new projects. She prides herself on creating pieces that are functional and fun. She deftly incorporates her skills as an educator into passing on her knowledge and helping others learn the craft of crochet.

Dina is from Bangalore India. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram or Ravelry.


Hi, my name is Evey and I currently live in Palm Bay, Florida. Have three amazing daughters and a wonderful son. I have also been blessed with two beautiful grandsons, Edward and Maison.

I started crocheting just for something to do due to depression but I ended up loving it. It brings so much peace. Love meeting new people and seeing all the wonderful ideas out there. Love working on photoghans.


My name is Audrey Tabor. I live in Northern New York, but have also lived all over the US country throughout my life. I am a happy dog mom to 3 wonderful dogs, and a soon-to-be new mom come early fall 2023. I work full-time as an Advanced EMT and love my job.

I have many hobbies, but crochet is my number one hobby. I crochet in my downtime, sometimes at the stations in between calls, and other times at home while relaxing. I love trying new crochet techniques and stitches. I consider myself somewhere between an expert and intermediate and am hoping to start my own crochet product business in the next year or two. I am not a pattern designer, but I do love creating new patterns for fun. What defines me the most in my crocheting is my ability to be creative. I love playing with color options, styles, patterns, and stitches. Creative freedom is my biggest drive behind crocheting.


I am Joanna and I am from Greece. I started crochet 6 years ago. I was pregnant with my daughter and I was bored at home so my mother gave me the idea to crochet blankets and clothes for my baby girl. And i did it.

I started to see tutorials on you tube. I was looking for patterns for blankets and I saw what you can do with crochet. Pretty much everything! I learnt alone through videos and written patterns to make almost everything. I learnt clothes, decorations for home, carpets, curtains, amigurumi, bags etc and i love them all! i saw a whole new different world and i obssesed with it! Right now I work with a company that sells a specific yarn and I make designs for them.

What defines me is the creativity and imagination I use for my design. I see a type of cloth I like in a shop , not knitted, and I’m thinking how I can turn that design into crochet. I see a pattern I like and my mind uses dozens of different options to make it even better. I am thinking of a design in my mind and I start sketching it on paper. I love crochet, I love the creativity I can have through crochet!

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