Hi, I’m Karmen

I am the owner and designer behind Loops Only Crochet. My goal is to inspire and guide others to discover the joy and fulfillment that crocheting has brought into my life.

My biggest passion is to crochet garments, so that’s something you will find in my store a lot. I think it’s very nice to crochet a piece of clothing, wear it and feel good about it.

What defines me most are my modern and minimalistic oversized top and sweater patterns. I am also passionate about teaching others to crochet through my YouTube channel and I include video tutorials with my patterns.

I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I spend most of the days crocheting, because crocheting is not only my business but It’s also my passion, my meditation and something I couldn’t live without.

Peace, nature and crocheting is something that really fulfills my life. And what am I doing when I’m not crocheting? 🙂 I spend time with my two sons, I cook and hang out with my friends and family.

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