Crochet Patterns

Paired with Tutorials


Crocheting is much easier if you have video instructions that come with the pattern.

If you are a total beginner and don’t know how to read crochet patterns, videos can help you learn to understand instructions from the pattern.

Not only that, from videos you also learn different crochet stitches and everything that you need to become a better crocheter.


Modern and minimalistic oversized garments patterns – that’s something that defines my design style the most.

“Crocheting is not only my business, but it’s also my passion, my meditation,
and something I couldn’t live without.”

— Karmen, owner of Loops Only —


Are you more visual?

You’ll find just about every pattern I offer on my YouTube channel. This is because I want to share my love and knowledge for crochet as far and wide as I can!

Pattern testing

Couldn’t do it without my team

Even though I’m often crocheting & testing my patterns more than once, I’ll easily skip some of the important details.

That’s why I’m looking for crochet pattern testers to help discover these errors with me.


You’re invited!

Crocheting is more fun if you do it with friends. Join the Facebook group to post your creations, get support, and more.

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