How to crochet Urban Stripe Tote Bag

14 Nov 2023 | Patterns | 2 comments

About the author: Karmen Režek

From Ljubljana, Slovenia, I aspire to inspire others with the same joy and fulfillment that crocheting has given me.

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Chic, Practical, and Fun to Make

Welcome to my latest crochet adventure – the Urban Stripe Crochet Tote Bag! This bag is not just a stylish accessory; it’s a testament to your crochet skills and a practical companion for your everyday needs. Whether you’re heading to work, running errands, or embarking on a weekend getaway, this tote bag is perfect for any occasion. Its unique vertical stripes, created with front post double crochet stitches, give it a minimalistic yet chic look that’s sure to turn heads.

Materials and Tools

  • YARN: RAINBOW HOBBII, 8/8 quality, 100% cotton
    • Small: 700 g / 25 oz; 1050 m / 1148 yds
    • Large: 900 g / 31.5 oz; 1350 m / 1476 yds
  • Hook: 6 mm
  • Yarn needle, scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers


  • 13 fpdc in the round and 9 rounds = 10 x 10 cm

Pattern Overview

The Urban Stripe Tote Bag is crocheted from the base up in joined rounds, ensuring a seamless and sturdy finish. The pattern is designed for two sizes, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Step-by-Step Guide

Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc) Stitch:

  • Begin with a standard double crochet stitch.
  • Instead of inserting your hook into the top of the stitch, insert it around the post of the stitch from the previous row (from front to back to front again).
  • Complete the stitch as you would a regular double crochet.
  • This technique creates a raised, textured effect, perfect for the vertical stripes of our tote bag.

Magic Ring:

  • Start by making a loop with your yarn, leaving a tail for weaving in later.
  • Insert your hook into the loop, yarn over, and pull up a loop.
  • Proceed to crochet the required number of stitches into the ring.
  • Once you have completed the stitches, pull the tail to close the ring tightly.

Detailed Instructions

  • Begin with the base of the bag using the magic ring technique and front post double crochet stitches.
  • Follow the pattern for the specified number of rounds, increasing as necessary to achieve the desired base size.
  • Transition to the body of the bag, maintaining the fpdc stitch pattern for a consistent look.
  • Complete the bag with handles, ensuring they are sturdy and comfortable for carrying.

Finishing Touches

  • To strengthen the handles, work a round of slip stitches around the inner edge of each handle.
  • Weave in all ends for a neat finish.

Additional Resources

  • For those who prefer a more detailed guide, the written pattern with comprehensive instructions is available for purchase in my shops on Ravelry, Etsy, and LoveCrafts.
  • Also, don’t miss the step-by-step video tutorial on my YouTube Channel to help you through the process.

I hope you enjoy creating your Urban Stripe Crochet Tote Bag as much as I loved designing it. Don’t forget to share your finished tote bag with me using the hashtag #UrbanStripeTote and tagging me. I can’t wait to see your beautiful creations!

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Need different sizes and more detailed instructions?

Get the full PDF for optimal viewing on any device or print.

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